Pre Press

The Prepress Department processes input files received from customers and gets their approval on either hardcopy or softcopy proofs. These processed and approved files are used to make plates which act as the master copy for the copies reproduced.

We handle inputs supplied in a variety of industry standard formats on both Mac and PC platforms. The received files are checked for any issues with fonts, images, bleed, etc. and any corrections needed are carried out.

Our Prepress team is skilled in carrying out any colour-corrections / touch-ups / cut-outs required in the job. Apart from the industry-standard Photoshop, specialized software such as ColorTone / ICISS / HumanEyes 3D are used to carry out Colour-correction / separation / 3D separation, etc


We are equipped with state-of-the-art printing machines from Heidelberg and Komori, in configurations upto 5 colours sheet formats of upto 28.5" x 40" can be printed.

Komori Lithrone - Japan
28" x 40" - 5 Colour
Sinokara 52 - Japan
19" x 26" - 1 Colour
Ackayamma - Japan
19" x 28" - 4 Colour
Heidelberg QM 46 - Germany
12 X 18 - 2 Colour
Komori Sprint 28 - Japan
20"x 28" - 1 Colour
Hashimoto 52 - Japan
15 X 20 - 1 Colour
Sinokara 68 - Japan
19" x 26" - 1 Colour
Heidelberg TOK 46 - Germany
10 X 15 - 1 Colour

Digital Press
Digital press

We are equipped with Digital printing machines from Konica and Canon in configurations upto 4 colour sheet formats of upto 12" x 40" can be printed.

Konica Minolta
12 x 40 - Multicolor

Canon Imagerunner 6800
A3 - Multicolor

Canon Imagerunner 7200
12 x 18 - Multicolor

Post Press

A wide range of finishing and binding options are available to make your project stand out from the crowd! Various value-added operations such as Foiling, Embossing, Die-cutting, Spot coating, etc. are all available in-house, so there is better quality control and quicker turn around. Highly automated machines for binding allow us to quickly set-up and complete jobs, whether they are simple or complex & whether the quantities are small or large.

Folding Machines
Shoei, Japan.
Wire-O Binding machines
Rilecart, Italy 1 no.
Sukeno, Japan .
Gathering Machine
Horizan Japan 1 no.
Saddle-Stitchers Center-Pinning
Roseback, USA - 1 nos.
Drilling Machines
Hang Germany & Horizan Japan 2nos.
Perfect Binders
Salbi UK & Muller Martini, Swis - 2 nos.
Paper Cutting Machines
ETO & Nagai Japan 2nos.